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SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – October 29, 2009 - Accelerate Mobile Apps, Inc. today announced the release of The Interviewer, an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that makes the process of interviewing job candidates easier and more effective.

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New iPhone app enables people to enhance their influence in the workplace

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA – February 3, 2010 – Accelerate Mobile Apps, Inc. today announced the release of The Influencer, an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps people build their influence and effectiveness in the workplace.

"In today’s knowledge-based economy, long-term career success isn’t just about having a certain skill set – it’s about being able to build great relationships, express ideas, and cultivate influence," says Gary Edwards, CEO of Accelerate Mobile Apps. "We created The Influencer app as a practical tool to help anyone improve their ability to work with others more effectively and move their career forward."

The Influencer draws upon intelligence culled from years of management training and leadership consulting conducted by Accelerate Mobile Apps’ founding company, Accelerate Learning & Development, Inc. It uses a methodology designed to process information about personality types, working styles, and modes of communication and delivers unique, personalized suggestions. The Influencer release closely follows the release of the company’s first app, The
Interviewer, which guides interviewers through the process of conducting a great interview and shows them how to separate mediocre candidates from outstanding ones.

As with The Interviewer, The Influencer puts formerly hard-to-find information directly into the user’s hands. "Previously, getting this kind of personalized feedback about on-the-job communication required taking a management class or hiring outside help, both of which are costly and time-consuming," says Edwards. "With The Influencer, people have years of research and insight literally at their fingertips. It’s a tremendous opportunity for people who want to become more effective in the workplace."

The Influencer guides users through a few questions about their working relationship with another person – whether a manager, colleague, or direct report – obtaining information about the communication style and approaches each uses in the work setting. It then offers insights that can be used to improve that working relationship. For each relationship that you want to improve, The Influencer suggests an Action Plan with practical, concrete steps that can be used to create positive change.

The Influencer was created with the belief that people in all kinds of work environments can achieve career success more quickly by seeing situations from the other person’s point of view. The app offers perceptive suggestions on how to improve relationships through collaboration and joint decision-making. "By demonstrating that you care about what others think and are willing to accommodate their working style, your own influence grows," says Edwards. "You become a more valuable part of any team without creating enemies or stirring up conflict."

Created for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, The Influencer app is available in the iTunes store for $14.99, and can be found in the Business category.

To see a quick demo of the product, please click here:

The Interviewer Demo Video:

Accelerate Mobile Apps, Inc. was created by Accelerate Learning & Development, Inc., a corporate training and development firm that delivers state-of-the art management training to organizations around the world. John Boring and Phil Dixon, two seasoned entrepreneurs who built Accelerate Learning & Development into a consulting powerhouse, founded the company along with Gary Edwards. One of the company’s strengths is helping hiring managers learn how to find and retain the best talent in the industry; building mobile apps to improve this process was a natural next step.

The Interviewer is the first in a series of mobile applications designed by Accelerate Mobile Apps. The company plans to unveil other apps over the next few months that address other critical business needs within organizations. Find out more on the company’s website at:

Working Knowledge Delivered


Apr. 9th, 2013

SLOPPY goal is an acronym for the type of goal that we’ve all been given and maybe even given out to others. It’s a goal that is: Senseless Limitless Obscure Pointless Painful, and You have to do it anyway! “Just fix it!” How many times have we heard that in the course of day-to-day business? This type of SLOPPY goal is likely to get a result that falls short of any unstated expectations. Given the incredible power that setting goals has for individuals and organizations, it’s surprising that it is so often overlooked as something to teach and develop. Instead, it’s just assumed that all managers are good at goal setting and that it comes to people naturally. Since all anyone in business is looking for is clarity and direction from Senior Management—and all Senior Management wants is flexibility and goal attainment from employees—we ought to be better at this! Take a look at the two fundamental parts of an effective goal. A goal should tell you where you are going and what success looks like when you get there. It’s no more complicated than that. To keep your goals from being labeled SLOPPY, first answer the question, “What do I want to have happen?” If reducing expenses is something that is required of your business, simply insisting that, “We must reduce expenses” is by itself a SLOPPY goal. It needs a lot more definition. But if you add the second part by explaining what success looks like—“We must reduce marketing expenses by 10%” the goal turns into something much more actionable. So the next time you set or get a SLOPPY goal, “Just fix it!” by asking: What needs to happen? What does success look like?